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13 Jun

Birthday Party

For me, Birthdays are very special because that day you have arrived in this world with a meaning. As my parents never missed any of my birthdays, even that I am 25 years now, I never missed one of their birthdays. I have surprised them with a cake or a small or big gift, but this year I needed something very special. It was my father’s 50th birthday. Leaving half a century is even more special so I needed a special surprise. I was aware that even his years are going up, he is still a party person. He loves a good party. So, together with my mother we were planning what to do. We counted how many gussets, we were going to invite, but what after that. Were we going to have a party at home, maybe at a restaurant, or some cool bar? It was really hard to decide. As the birthday was around the corner we needed an idea very fast. So, I called my older sister to ask her if she had something in her mind about the birthday. I was pleased that she did. She told me about a party bus. She had a great time in one for her best friend’s bachelorette party. Well, that was what I needed.

We get together all three of us to get to the company to rent a party bus for the birthday. They explained everything to us, and they guaranteed that the birthday fun will be unlimited with many possibilities for a celebration that won’t be forgotten. The capacity of passenger for the bus was exactly as many guests we were going to invite. We were all happy that my dad will get a party that he deserves.

Making stops during the travel with the party bus service was included in the price which was great. So, we planned on three stops, the place where my father wants to enjoy most and two more where we would definitely have a lot of fun.

What my father enjoyed the most

One thing I can say now, the party was awesome. The guests were picked up first and then it took us. When my father saw the bus he was so excited and when we went in, our guests surprised him with a big cake. He definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of party. He was so amazed by the features of the bus. It was equipped with the newest and best technology, large TV with a DVD, great lighting and bar stocked with all kinds of cold and refreshing drinks. The thing he loved the most was the great comfortable seating and also the powerful sound system.
Why not surprise your friend or family with this kind of entertainment? Booking is very easy and it is affordable. Thinking that you need time and more money to organize in your home with a chicago party bus you will won’t stress how the party will be because it will be unexplainably good.

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