Host Unforgettable Celebration

13 Jun

Birthday Party

For me, Birthdays are very special because that day you have arrived in this world with a meaning. As my parents never missed any of my birthdays, even that I am 25 years now, I never missed one of their birthdays. I have surprised them with a cake or a small or big gift, but this year I needed something very special. It was my father’s 50th birthday. Leaving half a century is even more special so I needed a special surprise. I was aware that even his years are going up, he is still a party person. He loves a good party. So, together with my mother we were planning what to do. We counted how many gussets, we were going to invite, but what after that. Were we going to have a party at home, maybe at a restaurant, or some cool bar? It was really hard to decide. As the birthday was around the corner we needed an idea very fast. So, I called my older sister to ask her if she had something in her mind about the birthday. I was pleased that she did. She told me about a party bus. She had a great time in one for her best friend’s bachelorette party. Well, that was what I needed.

We get together all three of us to get to the company to rent a party bus for the birthday. They explained everything to us, and they guaranteed that the birthday fun will be unlimited with many possibilities for a celebration that won’t be forgotten. The capacity of passenger for the bus was exactly as many guests we were going to invite. We were all happy that my dad will get a party that he deserves.

Making stops during the travel with the party bus service was included in the price which was great. So, we planned on three stops, the place where my father wants to enjoy most and two more where we would definitely have a lot of fun.

What my father enjoyed the most

One thing I can say now, the party was awesome. The guests were picked up first and then it took us. When my father saw the bus he was so excited and when we went in, our guests surprised him with a big cake. He definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of party. He was so amazed by the features of the bus. It was equipped with the newest and best technology, large TV with a DVD, great lighting and bar stocked with all kinds of cold and refreshing drinks. The thing he loved the most was the great comfortable seating and also the powerful sound system.
Why not surprise your friend or family with this kind of entertainment? Booking is very easy and it is affordable. Thinking that you need time and more money to organize in your home with a chicago party bus you will won’t stress how the party will be because it will be unexplainably good.

Your wedding will be the best with party buses

02 Jun

Planning a wedding

Since I was a child I thought about the day when I was going to have my wedding. Finally, that time came. I never knew that all the planning will be stressful, even that together with my husband we were planning the wedding for four months. When the time was closing up we were unsure how will it turn out. Luckily, there were helpful resources in our city to turn to so that the outcome won’t be disappointing. There were many Venuses to choose where to have the ceremony and who will be the photographers, caterers, where to buy the dresses and so on. Because we wanted to look very special and we were ready financially for that, our last problem was transportation. We wanted our guest to come on time without having them having problems finding the place of the ceremony and to relax not to worry about returning home driving by themselves.

So, together with my, now, husband went from a party bus company to another until we found the one that suited our needs and the one that had enough party buses for all our guests. Also, we were looking for our Limousine, the one that will bring us to the ceremony and take us to the airport so that we can continue celebrating at our honeymoon.
Renting a party bus was the top choice for our luxury wedding. All of our guests started to have fun even before coming to our ceremony. They loved the party buses and they were so thankful for this idea, especially because they were able to buzz up more without worrying that they will need to drive back home. There wasn’t a guest who was sitting. While the wedding party was on everyone was dancing with a happy smile on their face. I was so happy that our planning was finally paid off.

The very important thing is picking the party bus company. You should find out their history and all about the method they use to hire drivers. There are many wedding and also other parties that are ruined without having a good transportation. To be sure about the company, ask people you know for recommendations and more information about the company. Plus, you can probably find more reviews by people on the internet. Then you need to get all the info you have found together and to choose which company will provide you with the best party bus services.

Party Bus Chicago is what you need

The party buses we chose to come with deluxe amenities that made our day more special. They outfit the vehicles with the best technology, and it was fresh and clean. The seating was leather wraparound, toped bar areas with great refreshments for a great toast, amazing polished hardwood flooring, stereos, flat TV screen, cool lighting and much, much more. The buses that our guest arrived in were one of the best options out there and also the rental party bus had a great price. No one of the guest was late for the wedding. I just can’t thank enough for the service we got from the party bus to Chicago.

As my advice to all of you who are planning to get married soon is to get this kind of transportation. It will be easy for you and fun for the guest and you will have a great limousine to get the two of you to your honeymoon destination or to the airport.

Party Bus is great for Sport Fans

26 Oct

Renting a party bus for a sport event

As long as I can remember sports events are everything that I am for. I have never missed a play of my favorite football team. I go where they go. And not just me, my friends too, which makes it even more fun. We live for sports. So, because we want to enjoy to the maximum level we rent a party bus. This leaves us free of thinking who will be driving to the sport center and who will drive back and we can enjoy some drink. We usually go to a bar after the sporting event finishes and going with a party bus is even more cool and entertaining.
It isn’t just us. I see many party buses that stop in front of the sport center. The advantages are remarkable with a party bus and no one wants to miss that. With it you will definitely not be late for the play and you will be picked up on time. We have rented maybe over 10 times and not once they were late. Honestly, as guys, we have seen that the girls that are going to the game events love to see men using a rental bus party just to get to the event. We have scored many dates and hopefully I will find one that is like me, one that loves sports like I do.

We have the features you’ll love

I can’t resist the great features that the bus has. Awesome large TV screen, pole dance, neon lights, deluxe sitting, privacy with tinted windows and a great sound system. We usually bring drinks with us on the bus and we have ice in the bar to cool down our drinks. Cup holders are available for everyone and other features who know one will reject. With all these options, no one will say no to a party bus for a sport event transportation.
Renting a party bus is also a great experience for the future when I needed for special events. I will know which company I need and which will give me the best service plan. What don’t you try for yourself? Go to a sporting event with a party bus and you will amaze with the entertainment you will get before and after the game. You will definitely want to go again with it.